Dragondeer collaborates with Vice and Bud Light for the Friends of Bud Light activation

In October 2017, Dragondeer was asked by the creative team at Vice to partner with Budlight for their Friends of Bud Light campaign. The band curated a day long party where the band DJ'd a party bus full of their friends from Denver during a two hour journey into the Colorado mountains for a day of hot springing and a wild sold out show in the mountain town of Buena Vista, Colorado. The band pulled from their tribe of creative friends to create the art work for the event and had renowned guitarist, Daniel Sproul, from the Hardworking Americans sit in for the bands' live set. Here's a taste of the days festivities:

Rios_Dragondeer_Buena Vista-8.jpg
Rios_Dragondeer_Buena Vista-16.jpg
Rios_Dragondeer_Buena Vista-9.jpg
Rios_Dragondeer_Buena Vista-64.jpg
Rios_Dragondeer_Buena Vista-90.jpg
Rios_Dragondeer_Buena Vista-37.jpg
Rios_Dragondeer_Buena Vista-39.jpg
Rios_Dragondeer_Buena Vista-95.jpg
Rios_Dragondeer_Buena Vista-111.jpg

Video & Photos: Andrew Rios | www.rios.photos
Illustration: Ryder Robison | www.ryderevanrobison.com